Meet Our Service Staff

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  • Sharon
    Service Manager
    (815) 935-7900

    Vital Stats
    Birthday: May 5th, 1970
    Hometown: Manteno, IL
    Married: Yes
    Kids: 5
    Favorite Artist: Eric Church
    Favorite TV Show: The Voice
    Favorite Movie: Fried Green Tomatoes
    Hero: My Mom and Dad
    Interests: Horse Back Riding and Hanging Out with My Family
    Favorite Car: Jeep Wrangler

  • Ryan
    Service Advisor
    (815) 935-7900

    Vital Stats
    Birthday: November 3rd, 1969
    Hometown: Grant Park, IL
    Married: No
    Kids: 2
    Favorite Artist: Country Music
    Favorite TV Show: American Pickers
    Favorite Movie: Back to the Future
    Hero: Sharon Holliday
    Interests: Off-Roading
    Favorite Car: Ram

  • Vicki
    Service Advisor
    (815) 935-7900

  • John
    Service Advisor
    (815) 216-9565

  • Justin
    Service Advisor
    (815) 401-4460

  • Rueben
    Service Appointment Coordinator
    (815) 216-9565